Ceremony Marigny Opera House

Backdrops & Chuppahs

Elizabeth Pedestals
Qt. 2
48"H x 12"D x 14"W
Florals & Urns Not Included
Pastel Backdrop
Florals not Included
Pastel Colored Pedestals
Qt. 2 each
Florals not Included
Hedge Walls
Qt. 4
4' x 8'
Florals and Neon Not Included
Wooden Ladders
Florals Not Included
Vintage Screen Arbor
7.5' x 7.5' Oak Chuppah
Alter Structure
Iron Arbor
Florals not included
Krewe of Love Neon Sign
Curved Doors
Can Be Separated or Together
8'x8' Chalkboard Backdrop
Curved Arbor
Qt. 2

84"W x 23"D x 78"H
Double Door Entry, Backdrop
Free Standing Backdrop
Copper Arch
Qt. 1
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Pastel Colored Pedestals

Qt. 2 each Florals not Included