Large Accents

Chest of Drawers
Qt. 1
Merchant's Cart
Qt. 1

73"W x 85"H x 38"D
Small Merchant's Crt
Qt. 1

52"W x 29.5"H x 23.5"D
Floral Tea Cart
Qt. 1

33"W x 29"H x 19.5"D
Gutted Piano
Qt. 1

60.5"W x 56"H x 28"D
Mahogany Hutch
Qt. 2

36.5"W x 73"H x 17.5"D
Antique Wash Stand
Qt. 1

34.5"W x 58.5"H x 19"D
Hoda Mahogany Table
Qt. 1

51"W x 30"H x 33"D
Antique Record Holder
Antique Singer Sewing Machine _ Open
Library Card Cabinet
Paula | Mannequin Form
Free Standing Birdcage
Bamboo Bicycle with Double Baskets
Wooden Tea Cart
Curved Doors
Can Be Separated or Together

Floral and Candles included
Off White Mantle
Small Secretary | Closed
Tatum Bicycle | Yellow
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Merchant's Cart

Qt. 1 73"W x 85"H x 38"D