Small Accents


Perfect accents to any wedding, engagement session, or event.

Let our Lovegood's decor and ring boxes help you make a statement.


Glass Goblets
Qt. 250
Vintage Suitcases
Vintage Books
Qt. 50
Antique Catalog Holder
Brass Candlestick
Qt. 75
Wooden Crates
Qt. 20
Qt. 6
Yellow Velvet Ring Box
Ring Not Included
Purple Velvet Ring Box
Qt. 4

Black, Off White, or Gold

18" x 55"
Cream Macrame
Qt. 3
35" L x 13.5" W
Cream Macrame
Qt. 3
35" L x 14.5" W
Terrarium Wedding Card Holder
Antique Trumpet
Antique French Horn
Antique Bugles
Disco Ball
Antique Round Basket
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