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Church Pew Farm Tables

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

For this post we wanted to show y'all part of the process we went through to get our awesome 'Pew Farm Tables' that we recently added to the Lovegood collection. Farm tables are really big in home decor and in vintage rentals for parties, events, and of course weddings. We made our's from old church pews that came all the way from Lancaster, PA.

Above is a bird's eye view of the table top. We love that every table has its own character, but they are all still part of the same family.

Here is Daniel from #TeamLovegood making our first table back in November 2014. He is one talented guy, and we are blessed to have him on our team.

The green wood on this table actually came from The Green Project based in New Orleans. If you love finding windows, doors, and awesome wood from old houses, this place is like winning the jackpot!

We now have four 'Pew Farm Tables' in our Lovegood collection!

Here are some photos from a barn wedding we did back in November 2014 with our mix matched china and awesome smalls in our collection!

We will be showing y'all the before, before photos from when the pews were still pews and telling the story on how we came about finding these beauties in Lancaster, PA!

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