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Lovegood Open House | BlackBird Creative

Good morning, and happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share our first open house with y'all. Back at the beginning of this year, we announced that Lovegood would be moving from the Destin/30a area of Florida to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to be closer to family and friends. I have always truly loved Mississippi, and it felt like the right thing to do. Fast foward to May of this year, and we had ourselves a good time celebrating Lovegood and our collection with vendors, friends, and brides at our open house. Photos below were provided by our sweet friends at BlackBird Creative.

Above: Shout out to the ladies of Southern Weddings for sending us our Blue Ribbon Vendor ribbon and shirt. What goes better with a t-shirt than a tulle skirt that my momma made for one of our mannequins bought from a flea market in Kentucky. We have several in the collection for rent.

Below: A huge thank you to my girl Jesse McCraw for coming into town to sing at our open house. She is so talented and beautiful and my favorite person. You are the best friend a girl could ask for.

My grandfather hung all the chandeliers in the store for us. He is always so helpful and supportive. Lovegood is a family matter. We are thankful for their support and love for me and Lovegood.

A HUGE THANK YOU to BlackBird Creative for coming to our event and taking the best photos for the open house. Thanks to Social South for stopping by (Link to their post here!) Also, my biggest thank you goes to my mom who worked for two weeks straight helping me day and night to make this event a success. Love you always.

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