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Reflection of 2015

We are finished with our last wedding for 2015! As I sit here thinking about how fast this year has gone by, I wanted to take a moment thank everyone for all the positive support over the last two years since Lovegood was just an idea that I had in my head. Every comment, 'Like', text, and phone call means a lot and fills my heart with pride for all the hard work that goes into this business I decided to do.

With that being said, I have to thank my best friend, my 'silent business partner', and the other half of Lovegood that is always there for me all those sleepless nights prepping for weddings or our open house, carrying the other half of church pews, vintage couches, or fixing whatever I probably broke by accident; my mom. I promise this job I picked might look like fun and really pretty with wedding cakes and flowers, but it comes at a price that a lot of people don't see. My mom is with me for all the loading, hauling, and behind the scenes work that goes into running a rental company. All the time she jokes that she is supposed to be 'retired' but then picks up a buffet or stacks chairs seven tall.

I could not do Lovegood without her. I try thank her everyday for loving and supporting me. She only does this because she believes in me. Thank you for driving 7,000+ miles (I promise it's probably way more than that) over the last two years to help pick for our Lovegood collection, to weddings, style shoots, or moving our business to a totally different state. Thank you for always being encouraging and giving without asking for anything in return. Thank you for loving me so much and for every cut, bruise, or broken fingernail. You are and will always be my best friend.

I love you, Mom.

(This photo was taken outside of Public Market in Seattle in August)

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