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First Dance Music Chalkboard

I am a thinker. Constantly going through my mind are ideas for weddings, style shoots, etc. It is never ending because I look around me and find inspiration all the time. This backdrop wasn't any different. I worked with some lovely vendors for a shoot to showcase different ideas for backdrops, and this one was first on my list. The idea is to use our 8x8 chalkboard and recreated the music sheet for the couple's first dance on their wedding day. We recently did one in Laurel, Mississippi at the Laurel Train Depot that was 'Crazy Love' by Van Morrison. Every couple has their own love story and a song to go a long with it. Don't forget to make your wedding special and unique jst like your relationship with one in other. Also, this backdrop has been featured on Every Last Detail, Refinery 29, and many blogs over the last year.

She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love | Van Morrison

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