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A Golden Peach Wedding

Featured in the January/February issue of Social South

Words from the writer for Social South

Setting the Tone

Laurel Donahoo

a golden peach wedding When event planner Lauren Soley of Lovegood Weddings begins working with a new bride in planning her big day, one of the first things she wants to know is what colors most inspire the bride. “When meeting with a new bride, I always have her start off with a color scheme first and then go from there for the rest of her wedding details,” says Soley. “Once you have your colors established, you can start plugging in your florals, bridesmaid dresses, groom’s outfit and other details. Everything else will just fall into place,” she adds. When one of the recent colors of choice was a golden peachy amber hue, Soley says she was more than thrilled. Not only did that color prove to be easy to work with and incorporate into a very unique look, but it wasn’t a color that most people see over and over again at weddings. It also happens to be one of Soley’s personal favorites! “AMBER IS SUCH A GREAT COLOR AND IT ADDED SUCH A “POP” TO THE BIG DAY,” she says. “IT IS THE PERFECT MIX BETWEEN GOLD AND ORANGE AND BRINGS SMILES AND WARMTH TO EVERYONE WHO SEES IT.” A few of Soley’s favorite ways of incorporating the happy hue into the day were with peach pie, gourmet vanilla macarons and the Lovegood Weddings’ signature golden peach drink. Pieces of china, an array of brass candlesticks and mix-and-match stemware from the Lovegood rental collection, another facet to Soley’s event planning business, added a bit of vintage charm to the tablescapes. The beautifully simple white flowers allowed for the chosen color to shine even more brightly. When asked what her favorite aspect of this celebration was, Soley says it was how the tablescapes came together. “I enjoyed creating this look and was able to incorporate a little of my own personality into it,” she says. “WITH THE MAJORITY OF THE COLOR PALETTE AND THE FLOWERS BEING KEPT VERY SIMPLE WITH SHADES OF WHITE, IVORY AND BRASSY GOLD, THE PEACHY AMBER WAS REALLY ABLE TO MAKE A STATEMENT.” As this bright and happy wedding shows, simple does not have to be boring!

Photography, Kaylie B. Poplin

Styling, Lauren Soley

Decor & Rentals, Lovegood Wedding & Event Rentals

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