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Pillows | Lovegood Collection - Specialty Rentals for New Orleans, South Mississippi, and 30a/Destin

We are excited! We are excited!

Finally adding lots of pillows to the #lovegoodcollections! We already have some that we will be adding to the site soon, but we could not contain these beauties for long. Can't wait for them to come in the next few weeks! Interested in renting our fluffy pillows for your next event or wedding? Feel free to shoot us a email, or contact us by filling out our form here.

Dark Blue Velvet Pillows (Qt. 2)

Teal Velvet Pillows (Qt. 2)

Gold Glitter Pillows (Qt. 2)

Gray Velvet Pillows (Qt. 2)

Gold Gatsby Pillows (Qt. 2)

Mustard Yellow Velvet Pillows (Qt. 2)

Pink Velvet Pillows (Qt. 2)

Beige Floral Pillows (Qt.2)

Purple Floral Pillows (Qt. 2)

Maroon Floral Pillows (Qt. 2)

Silver Floral Pillows (Qt. 2)

Silver Flower Pillows (Qt. 2)

Green Floral Pillows (Qt. 2)

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