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The Leather Family | Upholstered Rentals for Wedding and Events

Brides and clients have been wanting leather, so we have given them some leather! Yay!

We are thrilled to now have 4 leather pieces in the Lovegood Collection. Let's introduce them to you. They are now available to rent for events, parties, and weddings (of course!)

Meet Veronica! This white leather beauty is a new favorite of ours. She is perfect for that 'WOW' factor and can play well with our other upholstered furniture. A full white lounge space or friends in all colors would pair well with little Miss Veronica! Contract us for additional information.

Meet Chesterfield! Oh La La, we are sooooooo excited to have him in the collection now. Ever since we started Lovegood, I have wanted a brown leather tufted sofa for weddings and events. This bad boy will never leave the collection. It is funny because people also ask me, "Lauren at Lovegood, what will you do with all the pieces if you decide to ever end Lovegood?" I have to think about this response because the thought of shutting down Lovegood is CRAZY, but I reply by saying something like I would sell a lot of my pieces, but I would keep my favorites. This guy right here is one of my favorites. We will love him forever.

Last, but not least..... The Minnie Twins! I mean, how cute are these two?!? Momma Lovegood (my mom, Tracy) found these two baby girls, and she fell in love within minutes. So of course, we had to have them. These two leather chairs can be paired up with so many options. I am dying to do more retro things, and my twins will fit right in! They can also hang out with Veronica in a lounge space or off by themselves to make a statement around any corner.

Soon we will be adding some additional pieces to the #LOVEGOODCOLLECTION, but we are thrilled with Chesterfield, Veronica, and the Minnie Twins right now. Contract us for more information on how to rent the leather family for your next wedding, event, corporate event, or party!

Thanks again,

Lauren at Lovegood

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