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Madison and Matt | St. Francisville Wedding with Christi Childs Photography

Today I am bringing you one of my favorite small town weddings to date with Madison and Matt in St. Francisville, Louisiana. This wedding was so meaning because I probably met everyone from their families during the setup, delivery process. From bringing in their own fun rentals and decorating the tables, this family was on it and great to work with. Sometimes not having a wedding planner can be stressful UNLESS you have the dream team family members who can rock n' roll on wedding day!

Lovegood Collection Highlights : Mismatched Chairs for Ceremony & Reception with Classic Farm Tables, Parker Tables, and Brass Candlesticks

Madison and her bridal floral crown. She rocked it!

Madison's wedding dress was so boho and romantic!

Madison and Matt

How ADORABLE are they?!?!?!

I mean....... Stop being so cute!!

Madison wanted a mix of our Classic Farm Tables and Parker Tables for her boho wedding

We provided mismatched chairs for the ceremony, wait til you see there backdrop!!

We also have a wide range of brass candlestick holders in the Lovegood Collection

Madison and Matt went with a food truck to feed their guest!

Can we stay Stars Hollow?!?!?! Any Gilmore Girls fans out there?? I feel like Luke's is just around

the corner with Rory and Lorelai drinking their coffee, of course!


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