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Leaf + Petal NOLA Wedding at the Warehouse of Lovegood with Lance Nicoll Photography, Little Bushel,

Today is the day, I am bringing you Part 2 of Margaret and Reese's wedding at the Warehouse of Lovegood. I will never forget how excited and proud I was when Margaret told me she wanted to get married at our new venue located in our warehouse in the Bywater. I was touched and could not think of a better couple to be the first in the space for such an exciting day. Below are some Q&A with the lady behind Leaf + Petal NOLA who also was the beautiful bride!

Lovegood Collection : Classic Farm Tables, Clear Goblets, Assorted Bentwood Chairs, Hunter Bar, Thompson Bar Back, Elizabeth Lounge Space, Harper Hairpin Highboys, Assorted Vintage Rugs, 48" Round Pedestal Table, and Warehouse of Lovegood ; )

What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day?

My fiancé at the time (now husband) and I didn't do traditional. We were together for about a decade before getting married so we got ready together at our house uptown. I just remember there was a fiasco about my ring not getting delivered to his work until about 2 hours before we had to leave. He waited at his work for a couple hours for the Fedex guy and finally came back to the house. Our photographer was wanting to take pics of our rings but my fiancé wanted us to have a moment together so he could place it on my hand and see if it fit. In a day of running around like a crazy person, having a quiet moment between the two of us, being able to take it all in meant the world. He keeps me grounded.

How did y'all meet?

Putting romance aside, we met in a bar. He went to Texas for work (we met in a bar) and a couple years later, brought me back to New Orleans. While I love me some New Orleans, I truly miss the great state of Texas. And where else do you meet people these days?

Describe your wedding flowers.

Oh my wedding flowers! So I own Leaf + Petal (florist) and had a vision since I toured Warehouse of Lovegoods that first day. Our aesthetic was kind of a Hampton's Chic, but very garden style. For the actual warehouse decor, we dropped greenery and accented ivory and blush florals everywhere- like hanging in corners, across the wall, in little accents- everywhere. But I decided for our long 48' table to go slightly more formal. We had brass candelabras, blue and white chinoiserie vases full of garden roses and dahlias, but we went more greenery-light. I kind of wanted to off-set the intensity of the walls we decorated. And it was a sit-down dinner so we had table settings and place cards. Too much info? Sorry, I'm a details kind of girl.

Tell us all about the proposal!

We first got engaged in a garden in Napa. It was ultra romantic and we were both like shaking. Then we were on the flight home and I threw my hands up in some grand gesture and the ring flew off my hand and went flying rows away. We both stared at each other for a sec then went scrambling. We kept putting it off because we we moving to New Orleans, then buying a house and then a year of remodeling so it just got put in the back burner. The more official time we got engaged, it was Christmas morning and he proposed again. He said, "this time we're doing it." Such a romantic.

What advice do you have for folks currently planning a wedding?

Ha, my advice is don't do your own flowers! Seriously, my advice is to delegate things to people and let them actually do them. People want to help you, so let them. Oh, and hire a planner. And the day of, take a minute, take a breath and take it all in. It's over in a flash.

Wedding Vendors :

Bride and Florist Leaf + Petal NOLA Photography Lance Nicoll Planning Sarah Reese Collins from Little Bushel with assistance by Michelle Norwood Weddings Vintage Rentals Lovegood Rentals Lighting and Blue Willow Modern Vintage Nola Stemware and Dishes Perrier Party Rentals Catering Catering d' Orleans Cake Pure Cake Nola Venue Warehouse of Lovegood

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